Meet our team: Lorna Gillespie

Lorna Gillespie is an academic consultant to Te Mahi Ako. Lorna is a lifelong educator, and physical activity and recreation has always been central to her career. She started as a PE teacher, then a teacher educator and a university lecturer, before coming to Skills Active. In amongst all this she has always been actively involved in sport and recreation as an athlete, a coach and a parent.

Lorna says the job of Te Mahi Ako’s Education team is to enable success, and quality outcomes, for learners in the workplace, and she’ll be supporting this mahi.  

As an academic consultant she will be using her passion and experience to support Te Mahi Ako as it develops excellence and quality in learning, learning facilitation and assessment as well as professional practice – for best possible outcomes for learners. She will be engaged in thought leadership and developing education best practice.  

Lorna is excited that Te Mahi Ako has the potential to keep growing access and equity in vocational education. “Learning in the workplace is really powerful, and our sectors will have the opportunity to build excellence in their workforce, through that learning.”