Skills Active celebrates all the graduates of 2021

Published 8 February 2022
We would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all those Skills Active certificate and apprenticeship graduates who completed their qualifications in 2021.

Click the links below to view our graduates for last year. Please note, the lists are ordered by workplace name: 

Workplaces A – F

Workplaces G – N

Workplaces O – Z

Our learners in sport, recreation and performing arts have navigated two very choppy years. These industries work face to face supporting their communities, and as such our workplaces and learners have been heavily impacted by the restrictions and challenges brought about by Covid.

In spite of all this, they have done the mahi and completed their on-job qualifications, getting their hands-on knowledge and experience recognised through formal vocational qualifications.

Their Skills Active qualifications reflect the fact that they are trained and skilled for the important work that they do.

We are so proud to support our industries, and their people, who ensure that Kiwi communities get the benefits of taking part in sport, exercise, recreation, performing arts and the outdoors.

In these difficult and uncertain times, they are helping us to stay active and healthy, feel good, maintain our social connections and enrich our hearts and minds.

We hope they will reflect back on their learning journeys and feel very proud of what they achieved in 2021. We also express our sincere thanks to all the managers, colleagues, friends and whānau who provided help, advice and encouragement along the way.

Ka rawe to all our wonderful graduates and their support crews! 

Pictured: Georgia Gray with her NZ Certificate in Business (Administration & Technology) (L3)