New Zealand Apprenticeship: Specialised Swim and Water Safety Teacher (Level 4)

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This apprenticeship is for swim teachers who are keen to add specialised teaching skills.

The Specialised Swim and Water Safety Teacher apprenticeship will prepare you with advanced practical skills in two teaching electives.

To enrol in this programme, you need to be working as a swim teacher, in a paid job at a pool or an aquatic facility, or self-employed.

If you don't have a role lined up, contact us to talk about how we can help.

Completing the Swim and Water Safety Teacher Level 3 certificate is the first step in this apprenticeship.

This 120-credit apprenticeship is designed to be completed in about 2 years.

You'll be trained, observed and assessed in the workplace, and you will attend external courses run by Swimming NZ. Some of your assessments will be completed online.

There are four stages to completing the apprenticeship.

Step 1

You complete the NZ Certificate in Aquatics (Swim and Water Safety Teacher) (Level 3)

Steps 2 and 3

You complete two Swimming NZ teacher extension courses, chosen from the following four areas:

  • Early Childhood Swimmers
  • Adult Swimmers
  • Adaptive Aquatics
  • Stroke Mechanics

Step 4

You complete an online assessment task, reviewing and evaluating your teaching programmes in relation to the extension courses you completed.

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