New Zealand Certificate in Aquatic Treatment Systems (Level 4)

5 New Zealand Certificate in Aquatic Treatment Systems Level 4 Apprentice Pool

This programme is for people working in plant operations, aquatic treatment systems and advanced pool testing.

Completing the Aquatic Treatment Systems Level 4 certificate will give you the skills to work unsupervised in a water quality testing and treatment role.

To enrol in this programme, you need to be working in a paid job at a pool or an aquatic facility, self-employed, or a volunteer with regular and consistent shifts.

If you don't have a role lined up, contact us to talk about how we can help.

This 60-credit qualification is designed to be completed in 8-12 months.

Your training and assessment will be through workshops led by an external provider.

Key learning areas include:

  • Monitoring aquatic treatment systems, plant and equipment and interpreting water quality and testing information to ensure the safety of personnel and participants in aquatic environments
  • Operating plant and equipment to respond to water quality issues and situations and to implement corrective procedures
  • Implementing a maintenance plan for aquatic treatment systems to meet compliance and organisational requirements
  • Reviewing pool risk management plans to identify trends over time, recognise influences on water quality and identify ways to improve the performance of an aquatic treatment system
  • Working with internal and external customers to communicate water quality testing results and to record and report on improvements.

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