New Zealand Apprenticeship: Snowsport Equipment Technician (Level 4)

11 snowsport equipment apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is for bootfitters and workshop technicians working at an alpine resort, or a ski and snowboard rental, sales and workshop outlet.

Completing the Snowsport Equipment Technician apprenticeship will arm you with skills and knowledge in using workshop tools and machinery,  and providing rental services to skiiers and snowboarders, as well as advanced knowledge in a specific practice area.

To enrol in this programme, you need to be working in the snowsport sector, in a paid job, or self-employed.

This 120-credit apprenticeship is designed to be completed in 20 to 24 months.

The apprenticeship is comprised of a Level 3 programme, and a Level 4 programme in which you will complete one of two electives.

You'll be trained, observed and assessed in the workplace.

Key learning areas include:

Level 3 programme

  • Using specialist technical knowledge to maintain a range of snowsport equipment
  • Using advanced knowledge to operate tools and machinery within a snowsport workshop
  • Identifying and managing risks and hazards and role modelling safe working procedures and practices that promote a culture of safety.

Level 4 electives

  • Workshop Technician: Complex tuning, repairs and maintenance of high performance and expert level snowsport equipment; complex binding placements and mounting techniques on a range of snowsport equipment
  • Bootfitting: Detailed foot analysis and customer advisory on appropriate boot options; complex shell analysis and boot customisation and fitting.

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