New Zealand Certificate in Avalanche Risk Management (Level 5)

2 Avalanche L5

This programme is for people who work in the ever-changing mountain environment.

By completing the Avalanche Risk Management certificate, you will be equipped to manage personal risks from avalanche hazards, and contribute to and work under a safety management system.

To enrol in this programme, you need to be working in the snowsport sector, in a paid job, self-employed, or as a volunteer with regular and consistent shifts.

This 40-credit programme is designed to be completed in about 8 months.

You'll be trained and observed in the workplace. Your assessments will be completed online.

Key learning areas include:

  • Identifying and communicating potential avalanche hazards by applying knowledge of snowpack, weather, terrain and avalanche phenomena
  • Mitigating risk to self by selecting and applying appropriate control methods while operating in avalanche terrain within scope of practice
  • Participating as part of a small party rescue by applying appropriate avalanche search and rescue skills while mitigating risks.

Once you've achieved your Avalanche Risk Management certificate, you will be registered with the New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals. You can keep your registration current by re-registering every three years.

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