Resources for schools

We offer small, unit standard-based resource packages, suitable for schools and youth programmes. These have been pre-assessment moderated by Te Mahi Ako and Toi Mai workforce development council. 

Check out our youth resource catalogue here!

Our resources can be purchased by schools who have consent to assess the unit standards in the resource. If you do not hold consent to assess, please contact Toi Mai.

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Pool Lifeguard Gateway programme

Pool Lifeguard gateway helps provide senior students (years 11–13) with lifeguarding opportunities in a workplace.

If you have a student who is interested in this option, start by approaching your local aquatics facility to enquire about a placement.  

The workplace will need to have an onsite Te Mahi Ako lifeguard assessor, as we are involved in the  assessment process. Once your student has a placement confirmed, you can download out an enrolment form on our Forms page,  and send it back to us.  

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Event and Entertainment Technology resources for schools

Te Mahi Ako has assessment resources available for Level 1-3 Event and Entertainment Technology. These are graded resources (Achieved, Merit, Excellence) which we provide free of charge to schools. If you make any changes to these resources you will need to have them pre-moderated and approved by Toi Mai.