Exercise superstars take the spotlight with Te Mahi Ako awards at the fitness industries big night

Published 6 December 2023
John Mainu’u and Industrial Fitness were awarded for their exceptional mahi in the fitness sector with Te Mahi Ako exercise awards.

The Manukura (individual award) and Te Iti Kahurangi (organisational award) were presented at last week’s Exercise Industry Awards in Auckland, hosted by the Exercise Association of New Zealand. 

Manukuraindividual award  

John Mainu’u received the Te Mahi Ako Manukura award. Every year this goes to an individual in the exercise sector who carries mana within their community. It recognises leadership and relationship building and goes to someone who’s work positively effects the community around them.  

John, described as a natural leader exhibits a profound commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of his Pasifika communities. Notably, he has brought his X-Treme hip hop classes to Pasifika communities, filling local halls with up to three-hundred enthusiastic participants. 

Te Iti Kahurangi – organisational award  

The Industrial Fitness team based in Queenstown received the Te Mahi Ako Te Iti Kahurangi award. This award goes to an organisation that supports the exercise sector to thrive for excellence through work-based learning.  

Gary Gregory, owner and assessor, received glowing commendations from his nominator, highlighting the unwavering support provided by Gary and the entire Industrial Fitness team. Industrial Fitness’s supporters noted their remarkable support, with three apprentices completing their programmes in the past twelve months, all while consistently welcoming new apprentices into their fold. 

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