Get the lowdown on te ahumahi ā-rēhia jobs with Te Mahi Ako career maps

Published 31 January 2023
Did you know that lift operators sometimes turn into bungy operators over the summer? Or that lifeguards often add swim teaching and aqua fitness to their repertoire? The updated Te Mahi Ako career pathway maps are spilling the secrets on all the rewarding careers to be had in te ahumahi ā-rēhia.

The maps cover six sectors: snowsport, aquatics, entertainment and events, sport and community recreation, outdoor recreation and exercise.

Skills Active first created the maps in 2017. Following its launch in October of non-profit tertiary training provider Te Mahi Ako, they have been given a design refresh and overhauled with all new information.

The maps are aimed at people aspiring to work in active recreation, leisure or entertainment, or early in their careers in this space. That might be secondary students and young people, or career changers with a bit of life experience behind them.

The maps will enable people to visualise the sectors and jobs contained within them, and imagine how they might travel along different routes as they gain seniority and skill progression.

With some handy hints and background information thrown in, they give the viewer a practical flavour of these exciting, hands-on industries.

“As the work-based learning experts in active recreation, we originally developed the maps as part of our campaign to increase visibility of these meaningful and rewarding careers,” says Te Mahi Ako interim chief executive Maren Frerichs.

“They show the common and less common routes by which people can progress from new entrants through to senior managers, business owners or even CEOs,” Ms Frerichs says.

“Today marks another step in our long-term efforts to keep building awareness of te ahumahi ā-rēhia and all it offers,” she says.

The maps can be found on the Te Mahi Ako website and hard copy versions are available on request. Please email for more information.


Media contact: Esther McLaren | | 021 195 5127

Skills Active Aotearoa Group is a not-for-profit organisation, 50% owned by Māori shareholders, supporting capability development in te ahumahi ā-rēhia: the active recreation, leisure, entertainment and events sectors.

Te Mahi Ako is part of the Skills Active group, and supports individuals to develop themselves through real-life learning within businesses, iwi and communities.