Meet our team: Denise Clarke

Published 8 August 2022
Denise Clarke will be the Learner Support manager at Te Mahi Ako. Denise has taught adult learners in a whole range of settings, but one thing she particularly remembers is teaching Level 2 hospitality to prison inmates.

Some of her students had trouble with reading and writing, but with Denise’s support they were still able to learn the skills to cook, and at the end of the course she was able to get their whānau into class to share in the kai. 

“That was very rewarding to be part of,” Denise says. “I have barriers to learning myself, which is why I connect with others who are the same.”  

The theme of education runs right through Denise’s life - when she’s not at work she can even be found teaching group fitness through her local gym.  

As an educator, she is excited about being able to increase the support for learners in her new role. She will be managing a team that will get to know learners, figure out any obstacles that might come up for them, and help find ways to overcome. 

“There are all kinds of barriers. It could be dyslexia or literacy, or it might be a relationship breakdown. Our job will be to build a really strong rapport with our learners, so that we can work together with them to get through this journey and succeed.”