Meet our team: Jo Sheffield

Published 23 March 2023
Jo Sheffield is an education evaluator and researcher at Te Mahi Ako. Jo is all about making sure that education is really working for the people it serves. She has worked in business consulting, adult education and training needs analysis, and joined Te Mahi Ako in 2022.

In her time in education settings, Jo often found herself wondering how well the learning was delivering its objectives for the learner and giving them what they really needed. “Was it hitting the spot for people? Did it make a difference for them?”   

A lover of swimming and walking her dog when she has time, Jo is a great fit for work-based learning in the active recreation sectors.  She is gathering data and feedback on Te Mahi Ako’s programmes and qualifications, to help the team understand how these are experienced by learners and clients, and what kind of outcomes they are leading to.  

“By collecting accurate evidence for how everything is going, we can pinpoint the areas where we are doing really well, and share those lessons in other areas of the business. And we are also identifying any areas where we could improve, because you can always improve.”