Meet our team: Nick Parke

Published 2 December 2022
Nick Parke is a regional learning advisor at Te Mahi Ako. An avid football fan and player all his life, these days Nick likes to kick a ball around with his young daughter.

He originally had his sights set on a high performance coaching career, but discovered that he had a talent for education.

He spent six years tutoring, lecturing and designing curriculum in the fitness sector. When he joined Skills Active he brought his experience in campus learning, and got his first taste of supporting work-based learners.  

He is excited that Te Mahi Ako will combine the best of both worlds, by allowing learners to travel seamless pathways between the two training models. 

"In the exercise space we typically see a lot of graduates who are not industry-ready. There are big challenges to setting up as a personal trainer and committing to the demands of the industry. The work-based model is superior in that way, because it’s a sustainable vehicle for someone to get educated and make their start in the sector.” 

At the same time, the Te Mahi Ako process will centre the learner more than Skills Active was able to, Nick says. “Our mission will be ensuring the overall wellbeing of the learner and helping them complete their qualification, with any and all support they require to do so. We’ll still be striving to empower our industries with skilled staff, so it’s a slight shift in how we do things, but our big picture remains the same.”