Meet our team: Sue Gemmell

Published 14 March 2023
Sue Gemmell is the Education Development manager at Te Mahi Ako. Teaching and learning has always been at the centre of Sue’s working life. She has been a ski instructor and patroller, a PE teacher and an outdoor instructor.

A keen mountain biker of many years, Sue says it not only gets her out into her favourite wilderness spaces, but continues to challenge her in new ways.  

She says formal industry-based learning is a unique form of education that delivers results by plugging into the network of knowledge and skills held within the workforce.  

"Using the expertise of the workplace is undervalued by many educational providers. But work-based learning pairs the learner with people who have years of experience applying extensive skills and knowledge, and can provide real-life learning situations. I think there is so much more potential in this approach that is as yet untapped in our sectors."  

Sue is excited about the opportunities becoming a PTE has to strengthen the workplace learning approach. “Finally we are in a position to provide a range strategies, resources and face-to-face learning solutions to enrich learner experiences and assist workplaces.” Her dream is for learners to gain tools and strategies to drive their own learning, so that seeking continual development becomes a lifelong journey.