Todd Maddock's journey with the New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga

Published 22 February 2024
Acting chief executive Todd Maddock recently completed his learner journey by attaining the New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga with Te Mahi Ako.

Why did you enrol into the tikanga programme?   

Enrolling in the tikanga programme was a deliberate choice aimed at fostering a deeper understanding into a Māori worldview. Learning about traditions, concepts, values and protocols and having a deeper appreciation of why things are done in a certain way.  The decision was grounded in the recognition of the importance of cultural competency in our leadership team, acknowledging that a genuine commitment to Te Tiriti principles is essential for effective collaboration with both kaimahi (staff) and our partners.   

How were you supported along the journey?   

Throughout this learning journey, support has been crucial. I have benefited from the guidance of knowledgeable colleagues who provided context-specific insights and facilitated discussions that encouraged reflection. Specifically, I would like to give a big mihi to Chauntelle Brown and Harataki Manihera for their support.      

What did you take away both personally and professionally from this qualification?   

Personally, the tikanga programme provided fantastic insights into the cultural context of Aotearoa, enhancing my understanding into a Māori worldview. This understanding has allowed me to approach my mahi with a more nuanced perspective, appreciating the diverse perspectives and values that contribute to our collective success.   

In a professional context, the programme has helped to equip me with the tools to continue to integrate tikanga Māori into our organisational practices. This has enabled us to create a more inclusive and respectful working environment.