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Stakeholder documents

As a registered Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO), Te Mahi Ako is required to conform to the Ngā Tikanga Mahi Mātauranga (Te Manaaki i Ngā Ākonga Mātauranga Matua me Ērā o Tāwāhi) 2021 (The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021).

Click here to download the Te Mahi Ako Code of Practice document.

Te Mahi Ako's mission is to provide work-based learning to grow confident, capable, connected people and organisations across our sectors, and we're guided in this work by our core values of tika, pono and aroha. You can learn more in our Charter document.

Skills Active Te Mahi Ako Charter

Our annual investment plan explains our strategic intent, mission and role and outlines our planned activities for the year.

2023 Te Mahi Ako Invesment Plan

Our disability action plan includes four focus areas:

  1. Leadership and management
  2. Access, participation and success
  3. Culture and capability
  4. Collaboration

Te Mahi Ako Disability Action Plan

This document sets out our commitment to provide you with timely and efficient services.

Te Mahi Ako Customer Commitment